Scientific Computing Analyst - Intern

Kandamangalam, India

Job description

You will be designing and developing  state of the art Image processing / computer vision algorithms, analyse and visualize diverse image data sets.  Development involves creating novel segmentation and registration algorithms to analyze image data sets, development of mathematical models, and development of scientific visualization tools.

You will be working on TeraPixel microscopy images,movies and develop tools for analysis and visualziation of those data sets.


Understand underlying scientific problem

Implementation of algorithms

Optimize the algorithms for performance


Advanced mathematics

Tons of reference scientific material to be read!

Must Have

MATLAB programming skills

Image processing

Clear communication skills (Written and Oral)

What's great in the job?

  • Independent work with real life scientific problems
  • Collabrative work environment
  • Part of a multi-disiplinary design and development team with optical, mechanical, electronic and software engineers
Job Complexity:
Personal Evolution:
Variability of the Job:
Job Security:
Overachieving Possibilities:
Team / Company Size:

50 / 3000+ people

Company Growth:

10% YoY

Company Maturity: